New Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport in Saint Albans, VT

The Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport: Retro Never Looked So Good

When Ford shut down production on the Bronco in 1996, many feared the end of an era. However, the brand has listened to the consumer and recently relaunched the fan-favorite. Be sure to keep up to date on this impressive model by checking in with our professional sales team here at Bokan Ford in St. Albans just outside Colchester, VT.

What's New?

In the case of the Ford Bronco, everything old is new again! The original Ford Sport Utility Vehicle is definitely a throwback to the ever-popular Bronco of the 60s and 70s. At the same time, the new Bronco possesses its own style.

Iconic Design

The latest Bronco will feature the boxy styling of the original Bronco with retro headlamps and removable doors. The Bronco is also slated to offer a removable roof for open-air cruising throughout the Milton, VT and Stowe area. The new Bronco might be tough as nails and willing to go anywhere - that's what made the original so popular - but the latest incarnation of the vehicle will offer a trim package that includes a hybrid powertrain.

Performance and Capabilities

The Ford Bronco will be built on the same platform as the Ford Ranger. Two possible engines that might be offered in the new Bronco are a 2.3-liter four-cylinder (currently standard in the Ford Ranger) and a turbocharged V6. The 2.3-liter four-cylinder will be an EcoBoost engine, one that is becoming ever popular with the Ford family of drivers. This engine shuts off at red lights or while otherwise idling; when the driver puts a foot on the gas pedal, the engine starts up again seamlessly to conserve fuel as much as possible.

The 2.3-liter EcoBoost is touted to produce up to 270 horses under the hood of the Bronco. Rumors abound that there is a Ford Bronco Raptor in production; this Bronco would offer a V8 engine. With either engine, drivers will be able to tow a small trailer. Of course, the Bronco will be outfitted to tackle almost any terrain. You can bet that four-wheel drive will be offered on all Broncos; however, this does not mean the Bronco can't handle driving around areas like Morrisville, VT and Swanton, VT while you run errands.

Interior Features and Safety Systems

Again, we know that the new Bronco will allow for removable doors and a removable roof. Retro styling is also expected to dominate the interior of the new Ford Bronco. We do know that the latest inception of the Bronco will include Ford CoPilot 360 and all the safety features that technology includes. All Ford CoPilot360 systems include Lane Assist, BLIS (Blind Spot Information Systems), a back-up camera, and Pre-Collision Alert. The Infotainment3 System will also include software that pairs with your smartphone for ease of use when at the wheel. The interior of the Ford Bronco will be full of amenities as well, although this depends upon the trim package you end up choosing.

The Ford Bronco Sport

A smaller Bronco Sport version will also be built. Like the regular Bronco, it will also feature a square body that is reminiscent of the 1970s Bronco body style. This version will feature a tapered roof and a rear-mounted spare wheel.

The Bronco is a vehicle that has always enjoyed a loyal following; many have anticipated the release of the newly designed Bronco since 2017. The latest version will offer a two-door and a four-door option as well as the ability to remove the doors and the roof for an open-air ride.

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